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10 Useful Practices For Attorney PPC and Paid Search – Succeed in Online Legal Marketing

Law firms are only considered successful if they regularly gain a considerable number of new clients, website traffic, client feedback etc. Any newly established law firm would not be able to meet these standards of success.

Why? This is because not a lot of people know only about the existence of their law firm but also the legal services they offer and the quality of these services.

No one would like to take the risk of hiring a newly established law firm that doesn’t have any past experience in dealing with customers and delivering excellent legal services.

To tackle this hurdle, law firms go for online legal marketing.

But to their surprise, even online legal marketing can not give them the results they seek if the legal marketing plan is not carefully strategized, and worked upon.

Moreover, legal marketing alone can never be enough to show you the results you desire. You need to apply some extra effort and work on new strategies.

One of these strategies that may actually help you in legal marketing is Attorney Paid Search also known as PPC which stands for pay per click.

Individuals who have just started out in the field of law or have developed a law firm, are very likely to be struggling from the worries of their law firm not doing well. Some of them might even come up with the idea of online legal marketing.

Actually, it may prove to be very beneficial for your law firm in providing you with new marketing leads but only if it is planned and implemented properly and assisted with attorney paid search or PPC.

Even attorney paid search or PPC requires a number of useful practices that you need to adopt in order for it to be a success. In this article, we will introduce you to these practices to help you in succeeding in online legal marketing.

Online Legal Marketing For Beginners

Online Legal Marketing is the most important step in the promotion of your law firm and gaining new marketing leads. Without strategizing a proper online legal marketing plan, your law firm would not be able to meet your expectations of success and why would it? As there’s no source of driving traffic to your legal business.

If people are unaware of the quality of legal services that you offer and the past experiences of customers with your law firm, they are very less likely to reach out for getting lawyers and legal services.

So, to get as much recognition as possible, you need to draw an online legal marketing plan. Moreover, to make sure that your law firm is successful, you first need your online legal marketing plan to be a success.

Online legal marketing involves a number of steps which include the development of a law firm website, development and maintenance of a strong social media presence, SEO management, and the best of all: Attorney Paid Search and PPC Management.

Creating daily campaigns for carrying out and handling these steps would ensure you a smooth online legal marketing plan which in return, secures marketing leads and reputation for your law firm.

How to Succeed in Online Legal Marketing?

To succeed in online legal marketing and secure a promising future for your law firm, you need to adopt a number of strategies. These strategies are important for your legal marketing plan to be a success, collectively.

Firstly, you need to develop a law firm website having a unique web design and looking professional in every aspect.

Secondly, to run this website, you need daily addition of new content. This content should be relevant to legal practices in general or directly to your law firm. Include intriguing content that people would not leave reading midway.

Moreover, promote your website content on your social media platforms to drive more traffic. Secondly, to gain marketing leads, work on SEO optimization. Add relevant keywords to your website as well as interactive features and deliver excellent customer service.

Now comes the last step, you need to spend some money on Attorney Paid Search and PPC management. You might be wondering what Attorney Paid Search and PPC is. We’ve got both of these steps covered for you in detail.

What is Attorney PPC and Paid Search?

Attorney paid search is a great means of driving marketing leads to your websites that are high chances of your potential clients. With the help of attorney paid search, law firms can not only increase the traffic to their business’s website but also increase conversion.

It is done by buying ads from search engines such as Google, Bing that target specific keywords. These ads can have a lot of personalization just according to your needs. You can target customers from a specific location. You can also schedule your ads to be shown at times you’re unavailable.

The best part of it is that for example, when someone searches “the best law firm”, the ad for your law firm would show up among several other ads significantly increasing the chance of your law firm getting noticed by new potential clients.

PPC management also known as Pay Per Click advertising is pretty similar to Attorney Paid Search.

In PPC advertising, law firms only have to pay for the number of clicks on the ad. It is very much advantageous for law firms because it is not only budget friendly but gets your law firm customers that have the likelihood of being your lifelong customers.

Attorney Paid Search and PPC are the best types of advertisements to help law firms and lawyers.

10 Useful Practices For Attorney PPC and Paid Search

Here, we have explained some useful practices for attorney paid search and PPC that you should consider in online legal marketing.

Following these practices would guarantee success to your legal marketing plan as well as your law firm by drawing more customers, feedback, recommendations and reputation.

Let’s dig in,

1. Utilization Of New Features In Google Ads:

Just a few time ago, Google Ads got updated and the customers got to see several new features. These new features include promotion extensions by which you can get discounts and offers, the feature to add the option of phone call on ads to make it easy for your customers to reach you, and the feature of video campaigns.

2. Start Using Other Platforms As Well:

While Bing and Google Ads are massively used in attorney paid search and PPC, you should not limit yourself to these two platforms only. Also opt out for LinkedIn and promote your law firm there too.

3. Improve Mobile Ads:

Mobiles are extensively used these days and you would be at a loss, if you do not care about mobile phone users. Customize and design your ads for mobile users and improve ad experience for them.

4. Advertising Features And Their Utilization In Bing Ads:

Bing just updated itself with a number of new features which include an AI powered device called Audience Network. It can help you a lot in improving your search campaigns.

5. Narrow Down Your Audiences:

With attorney paid search and PPC advertising, you also get the option to narrow down your audience to market your legal services to the right audience. You can filter the audience based on their demographics and their online behavior.

6. Utilization of Scripts:

To do tasks that are repetitive, people who use paid legal search should use scripts and other automation tools to save time and to avoid complexities.

7. Voice Search Preparation:

Voice search has been on the rise over the past few years. You should prepare yourself with the voice search queries but identifying them and adding them in your ads.

8. Review Your Budget:

You should build guidelines about when and how your budget should be reviewed. Of course, everybody wants long-term effects of PPC but it’s better to break it into smaller pieces and review information frequently.

9. Consider Reporting:

Both Bing ads and Google ads have updated their pages and now allow you to draw graphs about your data easily.

10. Collaboration With Others:

If you still think that all your efforts of paid attorney search would go in vain, you should reach out to individuals, invite them over and collaborate with them. They may give you ideas to improve your strategy and critique your plans.

Significance of Attorney Paid Search in Legal Marketing

Attorney Paid Search has a lot of advantages for law firms and other legal businesses. The most fruitful is the driving of traffic to your legal website and generating marketing leads for your law firm.

These marketing leads, if given proper consultation, can become your long term clients.

The second advantage is that you don’t have to pay any extra money. You just pay for the clicks on your PPC ad. Therefore, you are paying for the generation of marketing leads and not just getting impressions or website traffic.

The third advantage is that you can not only target the location of your clients, but also their age, gender, or web activity. This narrowing of the paid search gives you more chances of getting new clients and increase in website conversions.

The fourth advantage is that you can schedule these advertisements. So, in case you’re out on vacation or working up with a lot of chores, you can schedule an attorney paid search for your law firm in advance.


In conclusion to every single one of the useful practices for Attorney Paid Search and PPC that we have discussed, it should be not only help you clear all your doubts and cloudy thoughts about Attorney Paid Search but also help you in it.

By adopting the useful practices of Attorney Paid Search, not only would your law firm gain marketing leads and website traffic but also some of its future long term clients who would stick to your law firm whenever they require legal services but only if you provide brilliant lawyers and excellent legal services.

Now don’t waste a second and rush to your legal marketing team to make sure that these legal practices are being adopted in Attorney Paid Search and PPC and in case if they’re not, you know what to do!