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We are a platform for Attorneys, lawyers, and law firms who want to grow their revenue and clients. We use authority marketing to make you the go-to law practice in your area.

We also improve your online presence and help you get more clients and appointments. We do everything for you, so you can focus on your clients.

Law firm Marketing | Ray Legal Marketing
Solo attorneys and small law firms!

Ready to GROW Your Law Firm?

We improve your online presence and help you get more clients and appointments. We do everything for you, so you can focus on your clients.

How It Works

Convert Your Visitors Into Potential Clients With Our Proven Marketing Strategies and Done For You Services!


Leave your law firm website to us and do what you are best at – Work with your clients.

We’ll take care of everything, from the initial design and development to ongoing maintenance and support.


More conversions


Increase in organic


Automate client inquiries to engage customers and find attorneys.

Don’t let unanswered questions bog down your clients. Use our inquiry system to get personalized responses and engage your leads.


More customer engagement


Increase in organic


Convert your website visitors into paid business with our expert legal marketing services.

Sick of seeing high or low site traffic with little sales? Our team of experts will turn your website into a revenue-generating machine!


Conversion rate


Customer retention

Find Inspiration In Some of Our Client Success Stories!

We know what works and avoid what doesn't

We Are Here To Elevate Your Legal Practice

It’s time to break free from the outdated and stagnant ways of traditional law practice.

The business of law has remained unchanged for far too long, but we’re here to shake things up and revolutionize the industry.

Imagine a world where the client experience is seamless, finances are in order, and your team is fully aligned with your vision.

With our guidance and expertise, you can transform your law firm into a lean, mean, tech-enabled machine that delivers exceptional results while allowing you to work less and enjoy more free time.


How We Benefit Your Law Firm In 3 Steps

Power Up Your Marketing 

  • Develop a customized strategy that aligns with your unique needs and objectives.
  • Achieve unparalleled success in your marketing efforts.

Optimize your support 

  • You will receive the highest level of support from our streamlined processes.
  • Optimize your support experience with our tech-enabled approach.

Supercharge Your Revenue

  • We will help you unlock your full revenue potential and achieve your business goals.
  • Don’t let a lackluster growth strategy prevent you from achieving your law firm’s goals.

Don't Miss The Chance To 5X Your Law Firms Revenue

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What we do

A Suite of Legal Marketing Services for Your Firm

Content Marketing

Get content for your website that talks and converts. Our top-notch content marketing services provide the content that your website deserves.

SEO Optimization

We help increase your search engine visibility to achieve first page search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! and wherever people search.

Social Media Marketing

We will build a strong presence for your law firm on the most influencial social networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Web Design & Development

Get a custom, beautiful, engaging, and cutting edge website built with the latest technologies to attract and convert prospects into clients.

Video Marketing

Our video marketing services will help you get high quality, professional and engaging videos that will persuade potential clients to reach out to your firm.

PPC Management

Intelligent and budget efficient PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign strategies by our certified marketing experts. We use data-driven strategies.

Practice Areas

What Type of Law Firms Do We Work With?

Whether you’re in criminal defense, personal injury, or some other practice area that keeps you up at night, we’ve got the skills, experience, and results to help you take your game to the next level. So go ahead, pick your practice area below, and let’s get to work.

pick your practice area and let’s get to work.

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Work with a Dedicated
SEO Company

Keyword & Market Research
Onum always works to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices to apply to your company projects.
Graphics & Interactive Content

We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers.

Social Media Promotion

Google has said for years that the most important single factor to them is high quality content. Now more than ever, they have the ability.

Digital PR & Penalty Recovery

We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers.

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Our Team Members at Ray Legal Marketing were assembled from leading marketing firms on several continents.
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Bennett J. Schiller

"[the team] exceeded my expectations. They are highly efficient, and have generated positive feedback and increased calls and emails. I highly recommend them."


Patrick L. Jarrett

"... an absolute pleasure. Thanks to their exceptional work, my law firm has seen a significant boost in recognition and sales."


Tyler Randolph, Esq.

"... an approach to marketing that is user friendly and promotes long term growth in marketing reach, not just short term. They are easy to reach and contact, very responsive."