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  • From Ideas to Published Author

    • AuthorityUp program for Attorney and Solo Law Firms in USA who want to write a book.
    • Only 2-3 hours of your time needed.
    • We interview you with strategic questions to extract your content and craft it into a book.
    • You get a book that boosts your credibility, attracts more clients, and helps you charge higher fees
    • Your book is published on Amazon and Kindle with an ISBN.
    • You have full ownership and rights.
    • You can print and distribute as many copies as you want.
      Your book reflects your own words and ideas.
    • As the owner of full IP rights, you have the exclusive right to use, reproduce, distribute, and sell the work or creation, and to prevent others from doing so without your permission.

    Step 1

    Initial Consultation
    In this first call, which lasts about 30 minutes, we will explore ideas, choose a theme and a structure for your book, and then outline the main contents of each chapter.

    Step 2

    Detailed Interview
    This second call is a casual 60to 90-minute conversation, where we ask you a series of tailored questions that have been designed to “extract” the content for your book and record it (in the form of a transcript) in a way that is organized and co herent.

    Step 3

    Draft Manuscript
    While you enjoy your life, we will work hard to transcribe the call (every word of it), remove all the “ums” and “ahs”, and rearrange the content so it is more structured and flows smoothly. At the end of this step, we will send you a copy of the manuscript so you can review it and suggest changes that you feel are necessary. You may also wish to edit it yourself, although this is entirely optional.

    Step 4

    Book Layout and Design
    After you have approved the manuscript, we will turn it into a professional-looking book, complete with a disclaimer, table of contents, table of figures, dedication, and index – and design a set of front and back covers, which include publishing information, a registered ISBN, and a barcode. At the end of this stage, we will send a final proof for you to approve.

    Step 5

    Publish and Promote
    After you have approved the final proof, we will publish your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle, and then provide you with logos and links for your website. (We recommend you add these to your sidebar and footer.) The entire process can be completed in as little as 30 days.

    Complete ownership of intellectual property rights

    You own all the rights to your book, including the ISBN number. You can print, distribute, and republish your book as you wish.

    Author biography and book pages on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

    We’ll create pages for your book on both platforms. You’ll get the login details for these platforms, and URLs and logos to put on your website and other online properties. This will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and attract more clients.

    PDF Version of Your Book

    You can share the PDF version of your book with prospects, clients, peers, business contacts, and anyone else. You can also use it as a lead magnet on your website to attract new prospects.

    Lead Generation Widget for Your Website

    We’ll create a lead generation widget for your website. Visitors to your website can enter their contact details to get a free PDF copy of your book. This is a great way to collect leads and grow your business.

    Printing Account

    We’ll create a printing account for you with our preferred printing house. This means you can order more copies of your book directly whenever you want. You’ll get the same printing rates that we do.

    After Sales Support

    You’ll get excellent after sales support from Ray Legal Marketing Experts. We’re always available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your AuthorityUp program.

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    A Practice Area Book is a book that showcases your expertise and experience in a specific area of law. It is a powerful marketing tool that can help you attract more clients, establish your authority, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. You can find more benefits on our website.

    Writing a Practice Area Book can help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills in your chosen field of law. It can also help you educate your potential clients about their legal issues and solutions, and persuade them to hire you as their legal representative. A Practice Area Book can also boost your reputation and credibility among your peers and referral sources.

    A Practice Area Book can help you generate more leads and referrals by providing valuable information to your target audience. You can use your book as a lead magnet on your website, social media, or email marketing campaigns. You can also offer your book as a free gift or incentive to your prospects, clients, or contacts. By sharing your book with your network, you can increase your exposure and visibility, and create more opportunities for engagement and conversion.

    The topics you should cover in your Practice Area Book depend on your practice area, your target market, and your unique value proposition. However, some general guidelines are to:


    • Focus on the benefits and outcomes that your clients can expect from working with you, rather than the features and processes of your services.
    • Address the common questions, concerns, and objections that your clients have about their legal situation and hiring a lawyer.
    • Provide case studies, testimonials, or success stories that illustrate how you have helped clients with similar problems or goals.
    • Include a clear call to action that invites readers to contact you for a consultation or more information.

    There is no definitive answer to how long your Practice Area Book should be, as it depends on the scope and depth of your topic, the format and style of your book, and the preferences of your readers. However, some general principles are to:


    • Keep your book concise and focused on the most relevant and important information for your audience.
    • Avoid unnecessary jargon, technical terms, or legal citations that may confuse or bore your readers.
    • Use clear language, short sentences, bullet points, headings, subheadings, charts, graphs, or images to make your book easy to read and understand.
    • Aim for a length that is sufficient to cover your topic comprehensively but not excessively. A typical Practice Area Book may range from 50 to 150 pages.

    We use various tools and methods to communicate and collaborate with you throughout the writing process. We use email, phone, video calls, online platforms, and cloud-based software to share information, feedback, drafts, revisions, and final files. We also assign you a dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact and guide you along the way.