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How Long Does SEO for Legal Marketing Take: The Definitive Guide

 Marketing your law firm can be very effort and time-demanding work. In this rapidly developing world, you need to establish an excellent online as well as a physical presence for your law firm.

To do so, you have to develop a website that can demonstrate your law firm.

The development of such a website would have a key role in the marketing of your law firm as it would allow new clients to know about your law firm, get in touch with you, see in detail the services that you offer, see the reviews of your ex-clients, etc.

But here, a question arises: how?

You can not just simply develop a website, add new content and customer reviews to it daily and expect people to automatically reach you.

The thing is: No matter how well-established your law firm is in the physical market, your newly-developed website won’t show up at the top when people search for your law firm.

You need to optimize SEO for your website. SEO optimization would not only open the doors for new clients but also provide you with a detailed report of your website such as the number of times it was visited, its most visited webpage, the number of times it was shared, etc.

Building a website is never an easy task. It can take days, weeks, or even months to develop your site and it might not be SEO-optimized right away. SEO optimization requires time and effort.

There are millions of law firm businesses on the Internet and you can not expect yours to be discovered by new clients since there’s a very low chance of that.

You need to do research about the interests of your leads and know more about them to add relevant keywords to your website which is a step in SEO Optimization.

Here, the question is: If you can not expect results from SEO optimization in a day, then how much longer would it take to see results?

What is legal marketing and what does it demand?

Legal marketing would not sound like a new term to people who already deal in law firms and hiring attorneys.

Legal marketing is the means of marketing your law firm to an audience, whether local or international, to inform them about your law firm and the services that you offer so that when they need an attorney or any other kind of legal services, they’ll reach out to your law firm first.

This is a way of gaining marketing leads and securing potential clients.

Today, almost every law firm does legal marketing to make the most of their business and to get credibility among their peers as well.

Legal marketing demands several sharp strategies such as billboard advertisements, T.V. commercials, PR strategies, Social Media presence, Email marketing, production and promotion of new content, video ads, and most of all: SEO Optimization.

It would not be incorrect to say that SEO optimization plays a huge role in legal marketing.

Legal marketing would fail if there isn’t any increase in the reach of your website or any increase in marketing leads.

SEO optimization helps you with that. SEO increases the chances of people discovering your website by placing it at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

What is SEO?

SEO is a long-term strategy that focuses on improving a website’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking (mostly business-related).

In this modern age, it is also impossible to create a strong online presence without having a basic knowledge of SEO.

There are many different reasons why attorneys and other people related to law may not understand the role of SEO at first. It doesn’t take overnight for SEO to show results.

It is a continuous strategy that needs to be worked upon to increase the SERP rankings of a website.

How long does SEO take for Legal Marketing?

SEO optimization demands great effort and takes time to show results. Generally, you can see notable results between 6 to 12 months but only if you regularly update your website with new, relevant, and interactive content such as customer chat support sticker, add to cart, or the share with friends option, etc.

If you rightly implement the SEO strategy, you will see your website rank at the top on search engine results pages within 6 to 12 months but this doesn’t mean that you’ll only see results after this time.

During this period, you’ll be able to inspect how your law firm website climbs up spots till it reaches the top. SEO optimization isn’t a one-day process.

It needs regular updates and the addition of new content and only this way, you’ll be able to meet your goal.

The Role Of SEO in Legal Marketing

SEO plays a significant role in every business, especially in law firms.

There are millions of attorneys willing to give their best in the legal market, but many of them haven’t even met their first client.

Why? It’s simple. The reason is that they work under a law firm that doesn’t get a lot of marketing leads.

No SEO optimization is among some of the reasons for this deficiency in marketing leads.

Marketing leads have the potential of becoming your long-term clients but since there is no reach and no marketing leads for your law firm, your law firm is left undiscovered and your attorneys remain in the dark.

For someone who owns a law firm, it is a very strategic step to work on SEO optimization as it can help in a great boost in marketing leads.

There are so many options available to people these days that they cannot decide which law firm to hire.

There’s a chance that someone can easily mislead them about your law firm simply because of a lack of information. With SEO optimization, your website may rank higher or even at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

So, when someone searches about your law firm, they will come across your website first from where they can learn about your law firm and then eventually hire your attorneys.

Why does it take so long for SEO to show results?

Search engines like Bing and Google continuously update their database and platform.

It can be very hard for your law firm to keep up to date with these search engines if you don’t have a professional legal marketing team that can make updates to your website, and add new content to facilitate this campaign.

These continuous changes are why it has become so difficult and tricky to keep up with these search engines.

Yes, there used to be a time when marketers could take shortcuts and get higher rankings in the search results but it’s not like that anymore.

Normally, it takes about 6-12 months for SEO to show results but you or your legal marketing team should continuously update your website with new and newer content so that your law firm doesn’t lag. This will also greatly help the time for your law firm to rank atop the search engine results page (SERP).

What can I do to improve and sustain SEO for legal marketing?

Since search engines update their platforms regularly, you need to continually update your website with new content to stay relevant.

Remember that SEO is an ongoing process.

You can update your website once and then wait for 6 months for the results to show up.

A lot of law firms compete in the legal market, so if you don’t regularly update your law firm website you may get left behind.

Therefore, try producing relevant articles and blogs, relevant keywords, images and videos, and other interactive features for your website.

This would not only keep your website updated with the latest SEO trends but also increase the engagement rate. A higher engagement rate greatly improves SEO overall.


In conclusion to everything we have discussed so far, it is very evident that SEO optimization takes a lot of time to show results but the effort and the time spent on it are worth it.

SEO optimization can greatly help legal marketing as it plays a huge role in generating marketing leads for your law firm. Business owners who use SEO optimization prosper 70% more than their counterparts who do not.

We hope that, with all the information that we have encased in this article, it will be easy for you to develop an SEO optimization plan and then implement it to get the desired results as soon as possible.

So, hurry up and optimize SEO for your website to help yourself in legal marketing!