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Why Choosing The Right Keywords For Attorneys Marketing Is A Big Factor?

Starting and handling a law firm is not as easy as everybody paints it to be. It takes a lot of hard work, research, and strategic thinking. You need to be able to do proper research about your clients, their demographics, marketing strategies, etc. Having a law firm demands a lot.

You not only need to own a professional law firm website but also take several other steps such as legal marketing. You need to make people aware of the presence of your law firm, the services it offers, and the quality of these services. Legal marketing is the best step you can take to fulfill this goal.

The legal industry is concentrated with thousands of law firms. Every single one of these law firms specializes in its niche and delivers outright excellent legal services. Your challenge here is a lot bigger. You not only need to make people aware of your law firm but also stand out among your competitors.

To do so, you need to adopt a personalized plan for legal marketing and deliver high-quality legal services. All of this would be impossible without strategizing a proper attorney marketing plan. In this process, you will also need to work on searching and finding out keywords. Why? We’ll tell you that.


Attorney marketing also known as legal marketing is crucial for the development of your law firm. Thousands of law firms out there are doing well because they have managed to design and implement effective legal marketing plans.

As many benefits as it offers, it also demands your utter attention, research, thoughts, and ideas. To make it a success, you not only need to predict the outcomes of your processes but also do thorough research on the internet.

It would help you discover keywords that can further be helpful in PPC campaigns and SEO optimization, both of which come under legal marketing. Since our focus, for now, is keyword research and why it plays a big role in legal marketing, we’ll get to that.

Legal Marketing: The Basics

Legal marketing is the process of marketing your law firm to a specific group of people to inform them about the legal services you offer so that when they are in need, they’ll reach out to your law firm first (if they have had proper consultations or if they’re willing to simply put their trust in you).

The legal business is a complex business that’s why you need clever marketing strategies to help yourself flourish in your law firm. Otherwise, it will collapse to the ground and all your initial investment would turn into dust.

Legal marketing involves a number of long processes among which research is the most important process.

Legal marketing is a vast term. By legal marketing, it does not mean that you simply need to do advertisements for your law firm. It is the name of a long-term process and management strategy that greatly benefits your law firm.

Legal marketing involves many other processes but SEO optimization and PPC Campaigns also known as Attorney Paid Search, are the most prominent. Both of these processes have a significant role keywords in. If there’s no proper keyword research before starting these campaigns, there’s a high chance that these campaigns will be met with failure.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding out all the important keywords or search queries that your target audience uses when they search for your law firm.

All the keywords are relevant to your law firm. They are the epitome of your law firm in short. Any important term revolving around your law firm can be termed as a keyword.

Generally, keywords include the name of the services that your law firm offers and the general information about it.

If you know about all the important keywords relevant to your law firm then everything looks a lot easier. You can attract more clients, and increase the effectiveness of your SEO optimization plan as well as your website traffic.

Through proper keyword research, you would be able to find out about the relevancy of each keyword and the audience they target. You can find keywords within the content of your website but if you are unable to do so, you can use “keyword planner” by Google.

Keyword Planner is an Artificial Intelligence powered tool that crawls websites, researches keywords for you, and then brings you the keywords most relevant to your website.

Google Keyword Planner | Ray Legal Marketing | Law firm Keywords
Google Keyword Planner | Ray Legal Marketing | Law firm Keywords

Once you’re done with keyword research, you can do good both in SEO optimization as well as Attorney Marketing.

Why choosing the right keywords for Attorneys’ Marketing is a big factor?

Keywords have a huge role in both SEO optimization as well as PPC campaigns. It is almost impossible for your law firm to thrive if you are not aware and sure about the use of keywords and doing keyword research. Almost everybody doesn’t go beyond the first page of search results.

So, if you still haven’t managed to get your law firm to rank higher and be on the first page of SERP, you should start working out keywords.

Assist yourself by doing keyword research. Keyword research is about finding out what the people that you want to target, are searching about the most on the internet.

Failed SEO management is because of irregular publishing of new content which decreases the opportunity of using more keywords.

Remember that keywords and legal marketing are both interconnected with each other so, a little to no use of keywords would result in poor performance of your law firm which would create a very negative impression of your law firm, simultaneously resulting in a smooth and gradual downfall of your law firm.

Using the right keywords not only in your web content but also on social media posts and captions gives your law firm more visibility.

The domains of the major social media platforms are already highly ranked in SERP so when you use the right keywords, posts or accounts related to your law firm would appear at the top garnering you more traffic.

There are some clients who are unaware of legal terms so you should use less complex keywords to make it easier for them to come across your law firm website.

In attorney-paid search or PPC campaigns, your ads are met along with hundreds of other ads. This creates a chance for your ad copy to be overshadowed by other ads.

Therefore, using keywords in the ad copies help your law firm with SERP rankings too. In fact, using better keywords in your ad copies is more important and can help you a lot in legal marketing.

Now, not everything is associated with SERP rankings. Orderly mannered use of keywords can also help you with the readability of your web content and allow the readers or marketing leads to understand all about your law firm just by reading the main keywords.

Google Keyword Planner | Ray Legal Marketing
Google Keyword Planner | Ray Legal Marketing


The Role Of Keywords in SEO

SEO optimization depends on keywords mostly. You may have known that you need to update your law firm website with new content regularly in order for it to rank higher on the search engine results page SERP.

This content can be of any type as long as it’s relevant to your law firm. It can be either blogs, customer experiences with your law firm, their feedback, detailed pages about the services that you offer, or any other custom content.

This content needs to be intriguing and the readers should find it interesting. If it’s irrelevant to your law firm or is plainly boring, readers would leave it midway.

Nevertheless, to ensure proper SEO Optimization, you would have to work on keywords. The content that we talked about would be of no use if it doesn’t use the relevant keywords.

As you know that using relevant keywords helps your law firm website climb spots on search engine results pages, your content needs to have these keywords in it.

Doing this would not only get your website more traffic but also increase its readability. Your law firm would gain new marketing leads who have the potential to become your future clients. More clients mean a huge increase in your revenue as well as reputation.


In conclusion to everything we have described so far, it is very obvious why you should not forget about using keywords or doing keyword research.

Keywords have a huge role in driving new clients to your law firm and thus, should be thoroughly searched and used frequently in the content that you publish on your website.

Keywords can help your law firm website rank higher on the search engine results pages which results in getting your law firm more marketing leads, increased revenue, customer recommendations, and most of all: long-term clients and credibility.

What’s stopping you from doing keyword research for your law firm and increasing traffic and client activity on your website?!? Go hurry up and don’t waste a second to secure the future of your law firm!