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Search Engine Optimization For Attorneys

Our SEO Plus is the ultimate SEO solution for your website. We have designed this comprehensive package to boost your online visibility, drive more traffic to your website, and generate more leads for your law firm.

This package includes includes everything you need to rank higher on Google and other search engines, attract more customers, and grow your business online.

SEO Plus is more than just a service. It’s a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of SEO, from link building to local optimization. 

AIO Digital Marketing Program For Law Firms & Attorneys

With SEO Plus, You Will Get
( Starting at £900 / monthly + VAT 20%)

A thorough analysis of your website’s current SEO performance. We will identify any issues and provide you detailed report/recommendations on how to fix them. 

We will conduct a detailed research of the relatable keywords based on data and competition analysis to help you rank higher on search engines.

We will optimize your website’s technical aspects, including its crawlability, indexability, mobile friendliness, site speed and more. We’ll make sure your website is responsive, error free, loads quickly, and easy to navigate.

We will conduct on-page SEO of your website based on the best SEO practices and keyword research. We will provide complete optimization of your website’s content, images. titles, meta tags, headings, and internal links.

We will develop an effective content strategy for creating and publishing high-quality content that will boost your SEO rankings as well as keep your audience engaged.

We will post fresh and original content on your website ensuring that it is consistent, timely, and optimized for SEO.

We will build high-quality and relevant backlinks from reliable websites in your practice area to increase your website’s authority and authenticity. We will employ secure and effective white-hat link building techniques.

We will build relevant backlinks and provide a monthly report of all the backlinks acquired for your website, along with their metrics and sources.

We will help you increase your reach and exposure by  submitting of your website or business information to relevant news outlets and directories.

We will help you enhance your local SEO presence and visibility on Google Maps and Search. We will create and optimize your Google My Profile along with its regular monitoring. 

We’ll set up and verify your website on Google Search Console, to monitor and improve your site’s performance on Google Search. 

We’ll track and report your website’s rankings for the selected keywords on Google and other search engines.

We’ll optimize your website and online presence for local search queries, to target and attract local customers in your area. 

We’ll help you solicit and manage online reviews from your customers on Google My Business and other platforms, to improve your reputation and trustworthiness.

We’ll assist you set up a live chat function on your website to let you communicate with your visitors in real time and increase conversions.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

£ 900

Starting - Monthly

  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO On-Site Optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Posting
  • SEO Copywriting (up to 2,000 words per month)
  • SEO Link Building
  • News & Directory Submission
  • Google My Business Setup & Maintenance
  • Google Search Console Setup & Verification
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Google Review Solicitation Strategy
  • Website Live Chat Setup Assistance
Full Package
Full Package

£ 949

Starting - Monthly

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases
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What Attorneys
Say About Us?

Bennett J. Schiller
I chose to work with Ray Legal Marketing after reading about their success on their own marketing campaign. After working with them for a while, I can say that they've communicated well, dealt with everything in a diplomatic manner and been highly efficient. I have reached my first benchmark and I am very pleased with the positive feedback they are creating so far. Not only do they save me time, but calls and e-mails have increased as well. I would highly recommend them
Bennett J. Schiller
Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm
Patrick L. Jarrett
I've been really happy with Ray Legal Marketing so far and I think it's safe to say that Mr. Parker has been great. He's always attentive to my needs and has been very helpful. I'm really happy he spent time improving his understanding of my business and needs, which made for a more tailored experience. We're grateful to have Mr. Parker as a partner in our efforts to grow the multimedia company. With his wide knowledge and insights, we are confident that he will be able to help us achieve our goals. Now that we have a plan that I believe more appropriately fits my needs, I am hoping to see organic growth in my business as a result of the website going forward rather than just using the website as a confirmation for prospective clients of my abilities and practice areas. Thank you for your continued work and adaptations to meet my needs as a client.
Patrick L. Jarrett
Jarrett & Price Law

Answers to some questions you may have

What exactly you're doing every month for my SEO?

SEO specialists are performing many important tasks on your behalf. There is an SEO specialist monitoring and optimizing your campaign.

Optimizing your website and researching the ones of your competitors, as well as other aspects of setting up a business are all important tasks that need to be done. They could include but are not limited to; on-page optimization, Google Profile optimization, competitor research, link building, and citation building.

Businesses rely on SEO to drive in new customers and make sure that they're showing up in search engines. However, SEO can be a struggle because it's constantly changing to keep up with robust algorithms. But don't worry, we've got your back! We know that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to SEO and will adjust our strategy each month.

Finally, we include a detailed performance report each month that includes all the items that our team has completed and what our strategy is for the upcoming month.

How long it will take to rank higher?

Our law firm partners usually see ranking improvements within 60 days.

After the first 60 days, we can help you see a noticeable effect on your SEO. We include analytics reports so you can track your traffic and rankings every month. This will show clear patterns and help to increase your case intakes.

Is there any guarantees of results?

Search engine algorithms are in constant flux, meaning that agencies who guarantee results aren't necessarily credible.

We can guarantee you that our campaigns perform well. View our success stories to see how we've helped many lawyers in the past.

Will Local SEO help me get more clients?

Yes! 64% of local customers use search engines and directories as their main way to find a local business and, 50% of searchers visit businesses within 24 hours of a local search.

It's important for you to be local in order to show up on searches. We provide that service and will help you get there.

Who owns the assets developed during service?

Unlike other companies we allow you to keep all of your content generated during the contract period. This includes website content, videos, books, social media profiles, and other marketing materials. 

Do you work with small law firm or solo solicitor?

If you're paying for a user to click on your ad, you need to know the key factors that impact how much it will cost. Your bid is just how much you're willing to spend for someone to click on your ad. If your bid comes in higher than another company, then you will pay a higher CPC and rank higher. Targeting can help give you a better idea of where your bids should be set. The more competitively you want to target, the higher the costs because CPCs are based on the competition level of keywords. Google also monitors the quality of your ads, so if your quality is good enough compared to other advertisers, then you could potentially keep bids at lower levels.

What practice area you market?

We are happy to provide service for all areas of law, regardless if you’re a family solicitor, real estate professional, or practicing any other area. 

Is there any refund of service?

Our monthly rate is fair and our contracts are designed to be transparent & generous. We provide detailed monthly reports of the work we did, but if you're still not happy with our service, you can end the contract anytime with a written notice.  

Free Consultation

What to expect from consultation?

One of our specialist will contact you to discuss your budget, objectives, audience, and timeline.
If we sound like a fit, we will prepare a proposal within 24-48 business hours.